1. Rapture

From the recording Rapture EP


In the forefront of my mind
Gone before your time
We've reached the end my friend
Searching for a light
When we were blind
Everything must end my friend
Hand in hand we hold the sands of time
Another thoughtless word to cross the
Draw the line
The ties that bind
Tensions rise with every lie
A tyrant overthrown
The garden overgrown
Youre the deadwood in the fire my friend
The Sowing of a lie
Born of a sheltered life
It all comes back around my friend
Rapture Lyrics.docx
Born again
A change begins
Shed our skin and
start again
Leaves that fall
To be reborn
Sheds the skin to begin again
Fearless we climb
Searching for the light
Blind leading the blind
Through the Blackened night
The sun will rise
In the sky
A new day comes
It will be alright
Reach out your hand
To ascend
Rapture comes to be reborn again